Radio Frequency Batch Heating Oven

In Radio Frequency Batch Heating Oven type of heating ovens material which is to be dried is not exposed to direct heat. Usually because of such direct exposure to heat there are chances shrinkage of final material which is taken care of here. Electrical properties are unaffected so also mechanical properties.

Following are some important advantages :

♦ Drying is uniform. Also air movement is restricted thus product is undisturbed.

♦ Drying temperature is less as heating is done because of radio frequency. Thus reducing heat loss as well as cost.

♦ Even if product is thick heating is uniform.

♦ Time required is less.

♦ As advanced technology is used life of the instrument is more Also they are excellent from the safety point of view.

♦ In short where other traditional ovens cant remove moisture completely these ovens have proved themselves best for increase quality and percentage production.

Better Quality :
As target material / substance is not heated directly it gives minimal warpage and shrinkage; resulting into improved appearance of end product. There is significantly less change or affect on the electrical properties of the product. Dielectric Pre- Heating also helps in preserving the mechanical properties of the substance to give Better mechanical strength.

Higher Productivity :
Being made with advance technology, our products Increases production efficiency; Because of less operation time and due to self-contained heating; workers are less prone to fatigue. Flash thickness can be better controlled.

Reduced Costs :
As moulding cycle time is reduced and accuracy of the task is improved; production becomes less time consuming with more accuracy which means reduced costs & rejections.

How Radio Frequency Heating Works?

Technical Specifications